BTS’ Suga goes all out as he beats PSY in new behind-the-scenes footage from That That

As BTS Suga (Min Yoon-gi) and PSY song The the continues to climb the charts, rapper Gangnam Style shared a behind-the-scenes video of the two artists having a blast practicing their dance moves and viral slap scene. In the video, PSY compliments Suga after joining them on the sets. He told the rapper, “Looking so good I couldn’t recognize you.” In another clip, Suga helps PSY stand up after they film their fight scene, in which Suga pretends to hit PSY multiple times. Suga says: “I gave everything.”

In the now viral scene, Suga holds an injured PSY. To which PSY says, “When Yoon-gi does that part, I want him not to look down, but to look up at the sky and cry, just drenched with sadness.” When Suga tried the expression, PSY said, “Yeah, right so.”

In another part of the video, PSY has Suga cracking up with laughter with his dance sequence. Suga then said, “I just burst out laughing.” PSY asked, “You surprised everyone, didn’t you?” At the end of the video, PSY praised Suga’s dancing, saying, “You will definitely be dancing by the age of 40. And on that day I’m going to tease you.” Suga replied, “As long as my body allows me, I think I would dance.” Suga later said, “Even at 40, I have to tour and perform at concerts,” adding added, “I hope PSY’s That That will be a big hit.” At the end of the video, the two K-pop sensations embraced.

During an episode of Knowing Bros (Ask Us Anything), PSY revealed how Suga came into contact with him. As quoted by Soompi, PSY said: “One day I received a text message from an unknown number. It read: “Hello, this is Suga. I want to talk to you about something.” So we met. (Suga) is obviously a great performer, but he’s also really good at writing music. He has previously produced songs for IU and Heize. So he had already produced a lot of songs for other stars and he told me that he wanted to round out his producing project by giving me a song as a present.”

Meanwhile, BTS’ new album will be out on April 10th

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