BTS’ Jin goes golfing with South Korean star Lee Sang-yeob and shares a hilarious video. Fans say: “They are twins”

Jin from BTS met South Korean actor Lee Sang-yeob for an afternoon of golf. The actor took to Instagram and shared a photo with Jin of them both being twins in their golf attire and matching shoes. Boys Republic’s Suwoong commented on Lee Sang Yeob’s post, saying, “Oh! You are with Seokjin (Jin’s real name) hyong (older brother in Korean).”

Later, Jin shared a video of himself playing golf. He’s trying to grab some loot but unfortunately his shirt gets caught on the end of the golf club. The caption reads: “Even the shirt snags [on the golf club] is perfect.”

Fans were overjoyed to see the videos and photos and commented on their matching shoes. One wrote, “YOU HAVE A MATCHING SHOE!” Another added, “I just realized they look like twins :).” A third wrote, “So cute!” Currently, Lee Sang-yeob is preparing for his drama “Eve” starring Seo Ye-ji.

Jin has been quite active on Instagram lately, much to ARMY’s delight. Recently, He had lunch with South Korean chef Baek Jong-won. Jin’s brother and sister-in-law also joined them. Jin took to Instagram and shared several pictures from her outing. The chef previously appeared on a cooking challenge episode of her variety show Run BTS last year. Previously, Jin had shared several selfies with band member J-Hope, and BTS leader RM couldn’t help but tease him, saying that he finally learned how to tag.

BTS is waiting for the release of their anthology album Proof, which will be released on June 10th. The album will feature several new tracks, much to the excitement of fans.

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