British government offers India bilateral cooperation to help build fighter jets

Tribunnews reporter Namira Yunia Lestanti

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, NEW DELHI – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is said to have expanded his business expansion with the Indian government in the trade and security sectors on Friday (April 22, 2022).

The bilateral agreement between Britain and India aims to improve business cooperation between the two countries.

Britain, represented by Boris Johnson, wants to offer several aid packages to India, including building a private fighter jet.

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This offer was intended by the British government so that India could reduce imports of combat equipment from Russia so that this Bollywood country could save on spending on strengthening its armed forces.

In addition, as part of this cooperation, the British government also plans to invite the Indian military to joint exercises on the combat fleet. Later in military cooperation, the two countries will exchange officer training.

Also, the UK’s seriousness in inviting India to partner was made clearer by the existence of an open General Export Licence.

The special permit is intended to reduce the time it takes to buy, sell and ship goods.

The existence of this offer was then welcomed by the Indian government, Foreign Minister Shringla stated that British support could encourage his country to increase production of electric propulsion systems for naval vessels and jet aircraft.

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“I don’t think the relationship has ever been this good. Co-development and co-production of defense equipment,” explained Shringla.

Although Britain will later support India’s military needs, Mohan Guruswamy, director of the Center for Political Alternatives in New Delhi, said his cooperation with Russia will continue as Russia’s offer is much cheaper than the others.

Not only defense cooperation is offered by the British government. The existence of this partnership also has great potential to help India sell more rice and textiles to the UK.

Quoted by Reuters, from 2019 to now, the total cooperation between the two countries has reached £23 billion. Although this number is much smaller compared to its neighbor Ireland.

However, the presence of the UK-India cooperation is expected to strengthen trade ties between the two amid heating-up invasions of Russia and Ukraine.

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