Bristly Kerala body demands answers from AIFF | football news

NEW DELHI: Tired of the All India Football Federation’s repeated attempts to undermine its national associations, the Kerala Football Association (KFA) made its grouse official on Friday when it wrote to President Praful Patel asking why he was in the organisation bypassed the state’s ongoing Santosh Trophy and turned to the state government to implement it instead.
In a clearly worded letter, a copy of which is with Times Sport, Tom Jose, President of the KFA, wrote: “In connection with the Santosh Trophy in Kerala, we have heard that, with your permission, the AIFF office has entered into an agreement with the State Government of Kerala to organize the same without consulting the State Association.
“We would like to know how this settlement took place with the AIFF and the Kerala state government and who initiated at the first level,” Jose asked the AIFF President, claiming that the Patel-led AIFF deliberately avoided the KFA.
Kerala’s Sports Minister V Abdurahiman is the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for this year’s Santosh Trophy, which will be held in Mallappuram. Malappuram District Collector VR Premkumar is the general organizer of the organizing committee, effectively making him second in command, while Malappuram District Sports Council President A Sreekumar is the umpire.
“Whenever the AIFF called a meeting, we expressed our concern to officials and urged them to protect our rights. But your office never responded to our inquiry and deliberately avoided the state federation,” it said, although they reiterated extending their full cooperation for the smooth running of the tournament. The KFA has instructed Malappuram District Football Association officials to cooperate fully with the Organizing Committee.
The organizational impasse at the Santosh Trophy is not the first time the AIFF has bypassed the state association and turned to the state government to implement it. It was the norm at the women’s national teams organized in November last year and the Indian women’s national camp in December/January, ahead of the AFC Women’s Asian Cup in January/February, where the national government was asked to organize it. The KFA had internally voiced its concern to the AIFF, this is the first time it has decided to make it official.
The KFA President reiterated that the Kerala FA had an enviable record of hosting football tournaments at the highest level in the past. “Please note that in the past the Kerala FA has organized almost all types of tournaments at national and international level in a reasonable manner without any direct involvement of the state government and its agencies,” he said.
“We believe that other national associations are also able to hold such a tournament without the direct involvement of state authorities. So please enlighten us as to why AIFF decided to bypass the state association and allow this state government to do the same,” the Kerala state body asked.
Jose further claimed that some of his officers have been placed on some committees of the organizing team, but only “for name’s sake, to show that the KFA is involved.” “This is being done on purpose by your officials to obfuscate their agenda,” he further claimed.
Bypassing the state federations and approaching the state governments for tournaments and camps is the AIFF’s latest tactic – the involvement of the Odisha government in running events is the most glaring example, and Ranchi close behind. Those in the know say that given football’s downgrading from the Ministry of Sport’s priority list due to persistently poor results – just Rs 5bn has been allocated for football despite an expected budget of Rs 50bn – it is an effective way of stimulating bigger spending avoid. But at the expense of disempowering state associations, which are already short on cash and suddenly find themselves cut off when an important event falls within their area of ​​responsibility.
In the letter to the Executive Committee, the General Assembly and the officers of the AIFF, the KFA also requested that the matter be raised at the next Executive Meeting in order to contribute to a consistent policy for all States and to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings in the future. “Until that time, we ask that you refrain from initiating any further activity with the Kerala government,” KFA told AIFF.

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