Big Frank Gessie’s advice plays a key role in Tottenham Conte’s transfer master plan

Reports of Frank Cessie’s move to Tottenham dwindled following comments from midfielder Antonio Conte, who was advised to devote his future to AC Milan.

Midfielder General, 25, has quickly become one of the most sought-after free agents in football. Kessie will be out of contract next summer and it is to be expected that there will be no shortage of shooters and clubs looking to sign the AC Milan man.

Indeed, it now seems inevitable that a split will break out between Kessie and Milan. Her last salary of around 5 million a year was turned down. News in Italy says Chase told Chaser in the Serie A title that he would be leaving next summer.

Also, just before Christmas, a report outlined a package that was put on the table at Spurs. They’re ready to give him a $ 8.4 million per season contractwhich equates to 160,000 per week.

He will replace Kessey as one of Tottenham’s highest paid players and even top Hyung-min Son’s current salary.

So it said in a report on Tuesday Kessie admits the move and is about to sign Antonio Conte’s first contract.

His departure will have a big impact on Milan. He has scored five goals in 21 games this season and has been the driving force in midfield. His overall record at Milan is 35 goals and 16 assists in 205 games. That means it will be difficult to change the quality.

With that in mind, Milan Great Massimo Ambrosini has urged Kessie to think twice before stepping in.

“I have a lot of respect for the professional decisions my team-mates make,” said Ambrosini Manchester evening news. “I can say that these clubs, which can offer a higher salary, are not on a higher level than Milan.

“If you’re happy, being able to take home € 8m over € 6m shouldn’t be a priority anywhere else you are. He shouldn’t see Milan as a second club.

It remains to be seen whether Kessie heeds the advice as many are still hoping the player will leave.

Conte Coy in a possible Frank Guessie exchange

When asked about his latest signings in January, Conte revealed little.

“I honestly can’t answer that at the moment,” he said.

“My focus now is on working with the players to improve the situation and then of course to speak to the club to see if there is any way to improve the situation in terms of transfers.

But now I think it’s good to concentrate on the pitch. We have the most important game [against Crystal Palace]. “

He added, “No, we can’t discuss that because of the cowardly situation in the club.

“But of course we will meet. I tend to take advantage of this situation. I think the only way to improve Tottenham’s current situation is to work hard with my team and improve my players.

“If there is an opportunity to improve the team in the transfer window, we will do our best to improve Tottenham’s position.”

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