Become an Indian Muslim today?

A journalist reveals how to be an Indian Muslim today?

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NEW DELHI – Indian journalist and newsreader Karan Thapar describes being a Muslim in India.

“What is it like to be a Muslim in India today? Let me correct that. I’m not talking about the rich, the influential, or the highly educated. I am referring specifically to the poor and often illiterate, who have little support other than what they can give for themselves. You are the majority. How does it feel to be one of them? the news on Wednesday (27.4.2022).

Thapar went on to say that in recent months they have heard calls for genocide and ethnic cleansing. Accused of being linked to the riots, their homes were destroyed, as were others. Even the widows who are beneficiaries of the government program Pradhan Mantri (PM) Awas Yojna have suffered. Her young children were arrested for listening to Pakistani songs.

“This is by no means an exhaustive list. It’s just a collection of things that came to mind when I started writing. Proper research will lead to many more. The question is how would it feel if you that would happen?” Thapar said.

“The really strange thing is that despite this shameful treatment, many of us see Muslims as ‘appeased.’ If only we had known the facts. The truth is that Muslim representation in almost every field is far below that of their population. As early as 2006, the Sachar Committee found that Muslims are economically and socially worse off than their designated caste and ethnicity,” Thapar continued.

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