BCA Digital Boss only calls customers with zero balance a charge, what does that mean?

TEMPO.CO, jakarta – President of the Director of PT Bank Digital BCA Lanny Budiati ensures that the company’s current customers are customers who transact for their day-to-day needs and not passive customers with no funds. “For us, 800,000 customers are good points as long as they are active customers. So we don’t want as many customers as possible,” he was quoted as saying on Saturday, July 23, 2022.

He explained that the main purpose of the bank BCA Digital is to have a base customer active. “Our goal is not to raise customer base, Everybody can. There are also many whose balances are zero or inactive it’s just a burden, so useless,” he said.

Far more than that, Lanny said, his party wants customers entering the BCA Digital environment to be well educated. “The one who knows how to use Blu.”

A subsidiary of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. It openly pursues healthy growth by targeting quality customers. This is because customers who create accounts without making transactions only become a burden.

Since its inception in July last year, the company has implemented various customer acquisition strategies. Of these various strategies, BCA Digital relies on a data-driven customer acquisition strategy.

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