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8 million tons every year plastic – Every minute corresponds to a dump truck – thrown into the sea World Economic Forum.

Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit engineering ecosystem based in the Netherlands, is working to eliminate as much of this plastic as possible.

“Our strategy is really twofold.” Sea cleansing Boen Slot CEO and Founder said on Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “On the one hand, stopping the source, which prevents too much plastic from getting into the oceans and rivers.”

Indonesia has stopped three cleaners on rivers in Malaysia and the Dominican Republic to clean up the sea. Solar powered conveyor and barrier systems can use river currents to attach plastics to containers and then transport and sort them back to the ground.

Slot says his main goal is to develop the “first scalable technology” to remove plastic from Earth’s water.

Serena, 45, transports recycled plastic waste in Kedongan, Bali, Indonesia on January 30, 2021. (Photo by Agung Parameswara / Getty Images)

“If all goes well … we can say with confidence that the technology works”

Ocean cleanups target coral reefs, where areas surrounded by ocean currents have accumulated large amounts of plastic.

Since most plastics do not break down for hundreds of years, deposits will build up over time.

The main landfill, the Great Pacific Garbage Project, Estimated It covers an area of ​​half a million square miles and contains 79,000 tons of plastic. Tetridus is mainly made up of microplastics, National Ocean Service Define “Small pieces of plastic less than five millimeters can be harmful to our marine and aquatic life.”

The approach to ocean cleansing is inspired by nature and especially the coast.

“If you look at the beach, the beach is the most effective way to catch plastic,” says Slot. “If you see it on the beach, it’s on the sea, on the sea.”

This gave Slot and his team members the idea of ​​creating a beach in the middle of the sea.

“Essentially, we have created a very long floating barrier that we pull through the connection,” he said. “It starts and then builds up the plastic before we can get it out.”

Computer 002 during a test run in a large dumpster in the Pacific (Photo: Ocean Cleanup)

In 2019 Ocean Cleanup recalled its first system called “Wilson” to refine and redesign its design. Since then, the non-profit organization has further adapted and introduced its latest prototype, System 002 or “Jenny”, in July 2021.

“If everything goes well, we expect a completely plastic-filled system in a few weeks,” said Slot. “If it works, we can say with confidence that the technology works. We can measure that. “

The non-profit organization is looking for ways to automate and clean up the operation of its ocean-going vessels. Slot points out the difficulty of cleaning plastic in the ocean without using fossil fuels.

“The battery is not enough,” he said. “We use fuel, but at the same time we are testing low-carbon biofuels. All remaining emissions are offset so that cleaning is climate-neutral.

System 002 plastic trap on ships. (Photo: ocean cleaning)

Since its inception in 2013, Ocean Klein has had many well-known supporters, including Marsk.MAERSK) and Recent partnership With Coca-Cola (KO)

About the partnership with Coca-Cola Rated The world’s best plastic pollution slot in 2020, he said, “has two perspectives.”

One way, he says, is by looking at it through a green wash lens, which appears to be helping Coca-Cola’s plastic problem as it continues to pollute the water with plastic bottles and other packaging.

“But the way I see it, it’s a practical way of measuring this,” continued Slot. “Companies like Coca-Cola don’t want the oceans to be polluted by plastic. So by letting them solve this problem by cleaning up their own trash – if someone is willing to pay for that cleaning, it’s a company like Coca-Cola. “

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