Baby born in India with four legs and four hands, considered God’s reincarnation

Hair loss can occur due to several factors. There are several treatments you can do at home to repair damage and control hair loss.

However, some people have a different view. They actually believe in things the truth of which cannot be established and even take them for fact, this is called a myth.

It is a traditional story in the form of a story that has interpretations and is believed by its followers. In Indonesia, mythical stories still roll from time to time. It contains many things, one of which is about hair loss.

Before you believe these myths, it’s a good idea to know the facts about hair loss, as reported by on Friday (1/7/202).

1. Myth: Wearing a hat too often can cause hair loss

Many people claim that using accessories like hats can cause hair loss. According to a circulating myth, hats prevent a person’s scalp from breathing. In addition, sweat and heat can relax hair follicles that cause hair loss. Is that true?

In fact, the oxygen your hair follicles need comes from the bloodstream, not the air around them. From this it can be concluded that wearing a hat is not related to the hair loss you are experiencing.

However, be sure to wear a clean hat so your scalp and hair are protected from infection or germs.

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