Auroville, the utopian city of India, is fighting a deforestation project

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The population of the utopian city of Auroville has been revolting against a government-ordered deforestation project for ten days. The city in the south of the country was founded in 1968 with the aim of creating a community of the future and creating a new harmony with the environment. She now enjoys a very rich forest.

With our correspondent in New Delhi, Sébastien Farcis

Bulldozers advance in the heart of the Auroville Forest and dozens of residents, Indians and Westerners, stand in their way. They oppose the felling of dozens of trees, which should enable the creation of a ring road in Auroville. But they are forcibly repelled by henchmen and the trees fall.

The new administrator of the city, named by New Delhi, assures that this route respects the original plans of the city. However, local residents argue that they need to be adjusted and the road goes through an unwooded area. This is explained by this Aurovilian, who wants to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals: ” In Auroville we have an absolutely amazing biodiversity. And it really is Auroville’s fortune to be able to develop these forests for 50 years. Regarding CO2, as India is very polluting, I think it should protect its forests instead of destroying them. It is imperative for us to preserve this biological treasure of the forests, wild animals that have returned here ».

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The state environmental court attacked by local residents has just recognized the potential danger of this deforestation. The judges prevented any further felling of trees until Friday. And asked the authorities to prove that this work is legal and justified.