Arun Venkataraman: Indian-American Arun Venkataraman was sworn in as Deputy Secretary of Commerce for Global Markets

Arun Venkataraman, a leading Indian-American expert on international trade policy, has been sworn in as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Global Markets and Director General of the US and Foreign Commercial Service for the International Trade Administration.

In this position, Venkataraman will lead a team of over 1,400 employees strategically located in 106 offices across the United States and 78 overseas markets, supporting US companies in markets that account for 95 percent of global GDP and 97 percent of US trade.

This includes over a thousand professionals who specialize in export promotion, trade diplomacy, and foreign direct investment to help US companies expand into international markets and attract foreign direct investment to the United States.

Venkataraman was appointed by President Joe Biden and confirmed by the US Senate on April 7 to lead the federal government’s efforts to boost exports abroad and attract foreign investment, an official release said.

“Arun’s expertise in trade law and policy will be invaluable as the Department of Commerce helps U.S. businesses and workers recover and emerge stronger from the economic toll of COVID-19,” Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said Monday.

“His experience and leadership skills in helping the U.S. public and private sectors navigate and manage critical trade challenges have earned him respect both inside and outside of government and from the team he now deserves. I look forward to working with him in his team’s new role,” said the Trade Minister.

The Indian has over 20 years of experience advising companies, international organizations and the US government on international trade issues.

Prior to his appointment, he served as Advisor to the Secretary of Commerce, advising the Department on trade and other international economic matters.

Before joining the Biden administration, he was a senior director at Visa, leading a global government engagement strategy on a range of international policy issues, including the digital economy, trade, taxes and sanctions.

He also served in the Obama administration as policy director of the International Trade Administration.

He has also had an extensive legal career, including serving as legal secretary for the World Trade Organization and as a trade and investment policy advisor at Steptoe and Johnson LLP.

He also served as clerk for Justice Jane A Restani of the US Court of International Trade.

Venkataraman holds a Juris Doctor (JD) from Columbia Law School, a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and a BA from Tufts University.

“In over 20 years in the commerce space, I have seen firsthand the value that American businesses and workers offer in every corner of the world,” Venkataraman said in a press release.

“The world is turning to the US because we have the expertise, experience and entrepreneurial spirit to provide the products, services and innovative solutions that make a difference. I thank President Biden, Secretary Raimondo and the US Senate for entrusting me with this position,” he said.

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