Archaeology: Strange stone jars discovered in India

uno discovery of magnitude. Archaeologists have unearthed no fewer than 65 large stone jars at four different sites in the Assam region of north-eastern India, the site reports BBC. The researchers, who work for three different universities in India and Australia, also shared their findings in the journal Journal of Asian Archaeology. The jars had a special shape: high and cylindrical. Some were partially or fully buried, suggesting that they were not simple jars but graves.

Archaeologists believe these stone jars were associated with burial rites. But they don’t yet know when they were used or who might have used them. However, they do have some clues that further research should confirm.

Precedents in Laos and Indonesia

“The people of the Naga [qui vit dans le nord-est de l’Inde] Jars containing remains of cremations, marbles and other items have already been found, according to reports,” said Nicholas Skopal, one of the team’s researchers, who works for the Australian National University. One of his teammates on this research, the Dright Tilok Thakuria himself stated that the jars they found were empty but sealed with lids.

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Similar discoveries have already been made in Laos and Indonesia. The Australian National University also participated. The vessels found had similar properties: they were up to three meters high and some still contained human remains.

From now on, a new phase of work will open up for Tilok Thakuria, Nicholas Skopal and the other archaeologists. “The next step in this project is to dig up these vessels and thoroughly examine all of their properties. “A feat of craftsmanship.

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