Anupama Namaste America’s new promo teases fans about their journey 17 years ago. watch video

The popular TV show Anupmaa is ready to get its prequel. The Disney+ Hotstar Series, titled Anupma: Namaste America, follows the lead actress’ journey, played by Rupali Ganguly, and how it all began 17 years ago. According to the numerous promos shared by the channel, Anupamaa will travel to the United States to fulfill her dreams. However, she will face a series of struggles that start right in her family.

On Wednesday, a new video was shared by Star Plus, where Anupamaa is preparing for her immigration test. As she learns the English language and slowly pronounces the words, her mother-in-law comes over to mock her. She says Anupamaa will talk slowly like a turtle, she will never reach America. Then her mother-in-law (Sarita Joshi) steps in to defend Anupamaa. Using the story of the “rabbit turtle” as a reference, she teaches her bahu a lesson about how slow and steady wins the race. Her support has Anupmaa smiling from ear to ear as she returns to her classes.

From the stables of Rajan Shahi’s productions, Anupamaa launched in July 2020. An adaptation of the popular Bengali drama Sreemoyee, Anupamaa centers around the life of a Gujarati housewife. After being cheated on by her husband, which eventually led to a divorce, she found love in her college friend. In the show’s current track, Anupamaa is preparing to remarry.

Discussing the launch of the prequel, Gaurav Banerjee, Head, Content Disney+ Hotstar and HSM Entertainment Network, Disney Star said in a statement: “Experimentation with new formats is a norm at Disney+ Hotstar, and that vision has led to the creation of a prequel of the most popular.” TV broadcast of the audience. Following the response to our recent titles and Anupama’s adoring fanbase, we took the opportunity to further deepen her connection with the character in an all-new format. We’re confident this exciting format will resonate with India’s series-loving fandom and make viewers fall in love with the character all over again.”

Beginning April 25, Anupama: Namaste America will begin streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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