Another 17 Indonesian citizens in India have recovered from Covid-19, JAKARTA – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs registered three positively confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Indonesian citizens (WNI) abroad on Saturday (28.08.2021). At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported the admission of 17 Indonesian citizens abroad who have recovered from Covid-19.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the three positive cases of the coronavirus were each reported by Indonesian citizens residing in India, Vietnam and Norway.

On the other hand, the Foreign Ministry reported that the 17 Indonesian citizens who recovered from Covid-19 were resident in India. The total number of Indonesian citizens exposed to Covid-19 in India has reached 159 people, of whom 151 have recovered, four have died and four more are still receiving treatment.

There are no more deaths due to Covid-19 of Indonesian citizens abroad today. Thus, the total number of Indonesian citizens exposed to Covid-19 abroad has risen to 5,769 people, spread across 92 countries, of which 4,881 have recovered, 236 have died and 652 people are still being treated.

Meanwhile, the recovery rate of Indonesian citizens infected with Covid-19 abroad is 84.6 percent per day, compared to 84.3 percent the previous day.

So far, Singapore is the country with the highest number of Indonesian citizens exposed to Covid-19, followed by Qatar, South Korea and Hong Kong (China).

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