Angered mouth and nail disease safely dispels claims of Indian buffalo meat


Bulog Managing Director Budi Waseso (Buwas) confirmed that the frozen buffalo meat that Bulog imported from India was free of oral and nail disease (PMD). This statement responds to the hype surrounding bovine foot-and-mouth disease in East and Central Java

According to Buwas, imported buffalo meat is safe because it first went through a control and quarantine process before being distributed from India.

“The mouth and nail disease has nothing to do with imported buffalo meat because once the meat arrives in Indonesia it cannot be sold immediately because there are laboratory tests, once it is fit for consumption it is circulated, there is even a quarantine process,” Buwas said at a press conference at the headquarters. Perum Bulog, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/5/2022).

In addition, according to Buwas, mouth and nail diseases would not transmit frozen meat. He also believes there have been no cases of imported meat with mouth and nail diseases since 2016.

“This cattle foot and hoof disease is not transmitted through frozen meat. Meat imported from India is frozen. As of 2016 we have an order for buffalo meat, there have been no cases so if this is stopped what is the reason? “We still need it and we guarantee that the quality is good and safe,” explained the former BNN boss.

He added that buffalo meat imports will not be halted until there are cases of transmission through frozen meat. “If Bulog has to stop importing Indian buffalo meat, what is the reason? Although the need for (imported) meat is still there, we have to make sure the quality is really good,” Buwas said.


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