Airlangga successfully wins business and wins Priyadarshni Academy Awards


The coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs, Airlangga Hartarto, won the Priyadarshni Academy Global Award for her outstanding contribution to national economic recovery. Airlangga is considered successful in managing the COVID-19 pandemic and recovering the economy.

“I am very honored and grateful to be able to attend this prestigious event tonight. Among all honorable winners and among the global winners in 2021 ”, Airlangga said in a written declaration on Tuesday (21.09.2021).

“This award is given not only to me but to all Indonesians, especially under the leadership of President Jokowi, who has successfully sought to restore the economic situation amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” he continued.

The award was presented at the 37th annual meeting of the Global Awards Function, which took place virtually in India on Monday (September 20). It is known that the Priyadarshni Academy is an academy that provides services to humanity, especially in the socio-cultural and educational fields.

This institution has held the Global Awards function since 1985. The Priyadarshni Academy Global Awards Advisory Committee is chaired by the scientist Dr. Raghunath Anant Mashelkar. Airlangga is considered an Indonesian personality who has made an important contribution to the national economic recovery and COVID-19 handling in both Indonesia and India.

In addition, Airlangga Hartarto, as chairman of the Committee for Handling COVID-19 and National Economic Recovery (KPC-PEN), is said to have made a significant contribution to formulating coordinated, comprehensive and integrative political steps, including the initiation of a policy of oxygen support for the Indian government fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

On this occasion, Airlangga expressed its hope for closer bilateral relations between Indonesia and India. In particular, working together in efforts to restore health and the economy.

“In an effort to stimulate the economy and manage the recovery of the health sector, international cooperation is key to victory because no country can tackle this situation alone, and Indonesia greatly values ​​cooperation with India,” he said.

According to Airlangga, intensive communication was established with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the pandemic under the leadership and proximity of President Joko Widodo. President Jokowi also asked how to deal with India if cases declined earlier in the year and even if the peak cases exceeded 400,000, Indonesia adopted India’s micro lockdown with PPKM micro and PPKM levels 1 to 4. Even as the Delta Variant appeared in India.

“Indonesia has taken over the micro lockdown carried out by India by implementing a similar policy adapted to the situation and conditions here with the so-called micro PPKM and PPKM levels 1 to 4,” said Airlangga.

Airlangga also stated that Indonesia, like other countries in the world, is still fighting the pandemic and its effects. The Indonesian government has taken holistic but adaptable policy measures to avoid further economic pressure. In addition to controlling the spread of the pandemic and helping those affected.

“We want to maintain our relationship with India so that we can learn from each other, into a new chapter like never before. Accelerating the economy and addressing health problems remain high on our agenda, and international cooperation is key to winning this battle together. No country can cope with this situation on its own and we really appreciate the cooperation between Indonesia and India, “he said.

Meanwhile, India’s Minister of Transport and Highways, Niti Gadkari, congratulated Airlangga, who deemed the award worthy, to express the philosophy and knowledge of Guruji, the founder of the Indian Ayurvedic method of yoga, which focuses on the accuracy and harmony of yoga to bring bodywork.

“The Priyadarshini Committee assesses Minister Airlangga’s reputation for successfully balancing the pandemic and economic recovery at the same time,” he said.

In addition to Airlangga, 5 personalities from India, South Korea and England were honored for information. These characters were honored with the Priyadarshni Academy Global Award in 2021 for their significant contributions to business, gender, the environment and entertainment.

The Overall Priyadarshni Academy Global Award 2021 was given to:

Gautam Adani (Founder and Chairman of the Adani Group Ahmedabad, India); Sang-Hoon Bang (President & CEO The Chosunibo, South Korea); Airlangga Hartarto (Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia); Gurudev Sri Ravi Shankar (founder The Art of Living Bengaluru, India); Lord Nicholas Stren (Chair of the Grantha Research Institute on Climate Change and Environment, London School of Economics, UK) dan; Baroness Sandip Verma (Chair of UN Women and Member of the House of Lords, UK).

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