After the UAS case, there are many calls for a boycott. What happens if Indonesian tourists don’t travel to Singapore?


Singapore is a country that is one of the tourist destinations of many people. One of them is a tourist from Indonesia.

What happens after the call for a boycott of travel to Singapore that is currently simmering on social media if no tourists from Indonesia travel to Singapore?

CORE Indonesia Research Director Piter Abdullah said stopping all Indonesians from traveling to Singapore would have a significant impact on Singapore. However, Singapore’s economy is not heavily dependent on the tourism sector.

“But Singapore’s economy does not depend on tourism. Singapore’s economy is moresupport through other sectors,” said Piter when contacted on Friday (May 20, 2022).

Peter revealed Singapore supported by trade and finance. Currently, these two sectors support the performance of their national gross domestic product (GDP).

The number of foreign tourists coming to Singapore in 2021 was recorded as 330,000 visitors. Quoted from the mentioned official site

The composition is China 88,000, India 54,000 and Indonesia 33,000. “This is the highest number of visitors in 2021,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Singapore’s total tourism revenue from January to September was US$1.2 billion, or the equivalent of 17.52 trillion rupees.

This revenue was generated by Chinese tourists, who contributed US$432 million, or the equivalent of Rp6.3 trillion.

At that time, Indonesian tourists were recorded at US$127 million or Rp1.8 trillion and Indian tourists at US$58 million or the equivalent of Rp846 billion.

“This receipt does not include travel, entertainment and gaming,” he wrote.

Naturally Singapore wants to focus on national tourism recovery with SingaporeRediscovers campaign. They issued coupons and were bought by 1.9 million people and 2.6 million transactions.


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