After Kerala, now J&K Football Stinker cheers on AIFF | football news

NEW DELHI: Shortly after the Kerala State Football Association’s official complaint to the All India Football Federation (AIFF) last Friday for circumvention in the staging of the ongoing Santosh Trophy in the state’s Malappuram district, it is now the Jammu and Kashmir Football Association (JKFA ) who spoke up.
Earlier this month, the association filed an official protest against the AIFF which, without its knowledge or consent, organized and conducted the AFC Pro Diploma Course (Module 1) from May 10th to 19th in Srinagar. The JKFA had further requested that the module be postponed or canceled.
This latest embarrassment for the AIFF, caused by their officers at Football House, prompted them to hastily relocate the course venue to Chandigarh, but not before doing even more so with the “resignation” of the AIFF Technical Director and Head of Coach Egg faced education, Savio Mederia on the subject last week.
As part of damage control, the media wing of the AIFF was quick to tweet an official statement on Sunday that the former 1990-2000s India midfielder and SAFF Cup coach had not been included in his papers and was still on the job, but association insiders were claiming that Medeira, upset at being made the scapegoat for the officials’ mistake in choosing the venue, had actually sent his official resignation to Football House. Medeira is silent on this subject.
In a letter (JAKFA/10216-20) dated April 5, 2022 to AIFF President Praful Patel, the JKFA cited correspondence dated March 30 from Aman Dubey, Coordinator of Coach Education and Grassroots Sport, AIFF, in which they discussed the planned pro- Licensing Course were briefed at TRC Football Stadium of Srinagar from 10th to 19th May. “They planned the course under the aegis of the Jammu & Kashmir Sports Council without the knowledge of the JKFA,” the letter said, again highlighting how Football House officials bypassed the state associations and instead the state Department of Sport or the Sportraits to contact. The AIFF’s self-importance towards its member associations can be seen in the fact that ZA Thakur, President of the JKFA, is also the current Treasurer of the AIFF.
“If the AIFF starts to authorize an organization to conduct such courses or programs without the knowledge of the member associations, we lose our grip and embarrass the member associations,” the JKFA continued, repeating: “If an organization or a club does the said course or program, they must go through the associations provided for in the AIFF Constitution.”
“The J&K Sports Council has no mandate for such programs that fall under the purview of the AIFF. The JKFA’s role has been undermined by the AIFF’s Coach Education Department, which is unacceptable, and the JKFA fraternity has firmly distanced itself from this action,” the letter said.
The JKFA again reminded the AIFF to “direct the Department of Coach Education to refrain from such action without the approval/request of the JKFA.”
The JKFA called for the course scheduled for May 10-19 to be postponed or canceled and hoped “that the Department of Coach Education will take note that the association concerned is to be onboarded before such programs are completed.”

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