According to Twitter, 9 out of 10 Indians use its platform when streaming content

Nine out of 10 Indians use Twitter while watching TV or streaming when they turn to the platform for trailers, highlights and breaking TV show news, the platform revealed on Thursday.

About 79% of Indians use Twitter more frequently when watching sports content elsewhere, and what they look for on Twitter is exclusive content, match highlights, interesting statistics and live coverage.

Almost nine out of 10 people on Twitter across the country have watched a live video on the platform.

“The possibilities of our favorite mobile medium are endless and we’re seeing more and more brands harnessing the power of click-to-play to engage with the most avid audiences, connect with what’s happening and be part of the visual happening today, digital world,” said Preetha Athrey, Director, Global Business Marketing, Twitter APAC.

A majority of users (51%) on Twitter in India actively search for videos on the service.

Almost 70% of Indians agree Twitter is a great place to see videos related to their interests.

A majority (65%) of people agree there is a greater variety of video content on Twitter.

The main interest-based categories that attract the most viewers are News & Current Affairs, Celebrities, Business/Finance, Education and Sports.

“Audience today is searching for more, and their thirst for content is transcending the TV screen and converging on Twitter, where they are seeking a second-screen experience,” the report reads.

According to the Twitter report, 64% of viewers in India enjoy watching video ads to see what brands have to offer.



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