According to scientists, hot temperatures in Indonesia are not as bad as in India

The hot temperatures in Indonesia are not as severe as in India and Pakistan as they have different geographic locations.

Illustration of hot weather. (pixabay/stux) – Climate change scientist Wayan Suparta said the scorching heat phenomenon that recently hit several cities in Indonesia is not as bad as that in India.

According to Wayan Suparta, the hot temperatures in Indonesia are not as bad as in India and Pakistan because they have different geographic locations.

The heat wave in Indonesia is due to its geographic location near the equator, so different from India or Pakistan,” he uploaded

Wayan Suparta said that according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), heat waves usually occur in the mid-to-high latitudes such as India, Pakistan, Europe or America, triggered by mid-latitude atmospheric dynamics.

So this is different from Indonesia. (The phenomenon of hot temperatures occurs due to) the annual pseudo-movement of the sun as a result of the rotation of the earth‘ said the climate scientist.

Wayan agrees with BMKG and predicts Indonesia’s hot temperatures will last for a short time until mid-May.

He also estimates that the hot temperature will not reach 39 degrees Celsius.

Dry season illustration. (pixabay)

Hot temperature forecasts are usually below 39 degrees Celsius. If it reaches a very high temperature in a place, it is because it is usually a densely populated area, there is less air circulation, so the area appears weathered isolatedsaid Wayan Suparta.

However, in late May, Wayan did not rule out that hot temperatures in Indonesia could reach 38.8 degrees Celsius, as happened in Palembang in 2019.

I think by the end of May it might happen like South Tangerang area. But that cannot be predicted exactly, many other variables play a role,” he explained.

FYI: India is currently being hit by a heat wave.

The Indian government says a heatwave with temperatures exceeding 45 degrees Celsius has hit millions of people there.

Temperatures reached 51 degrees Celsius on Thursday (April 28) in the city of Phalodi, about two hours from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, the hottest ever recorded in India.

This is climate change scientists’ explanation of why the phenomenon of hot temperatures in Indonesia is not as severe as in India and Pakistan. ( Prastya).

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