A video shows the LED notification center

After praising its first smartphone and confirming that it would launch on July 12th, Nothing officially revealed the full rear design of the Nothing phone (1) this week. Now, ahead of the official launch next month, videos have surfaced showing the back of the device in all its glory and confirming how the LED strips on the back will work and light up!

Nothing reportedly held a special surprise event for journalists and tech enthusiasts in Switzerland, where the company personally demonstrated its upcoming Nothing phone (1). Although the device was in a Plexiglas case, The video shows how the LED strips on the back light up.

In a recent video divided by German YouTuber Rafael Zeier, we see the last unit of the Nothing phone (1), placed in a transparent box. Although we could see the LED strips glowing around the rear cameras and the back of the device, we still couldn’t get a closer look at the front of the Nothing phone (1).

When Carl Pei first confirmed the Nothing Phone (1) earlier this year, he only shared the design of the LED strips on the back of the device. At the time, we didn’t know what that design meant. However, we now know that the stripes on the back of the Nothing smartphone are glowing, and well, that sounds impressive.

Although it is currently unknown what triggers the LED strips to light up on the Nothing phone (1), we can think that they light up for notifications or incoming calls. It is currently unknown whether or not users will be able to control the operation of the lights through system settings. Still, it should be noted that the LED strips as well as the transparent design look pretty cool and unique. This could be one of the main highlights of the device and a key differentiator for the smartphone.

See you on July 12th

Additionally, rumors suggest that the Nothing phone(1) will come with the latest Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 SoC, a 50MP rear camera, 45W fast charging and a 90Hz display. Flipkart has already confirmed that its first smartphone will be sold in India. In fact, the company has also confirmed that the Nothing phone (1) is made in India.

So yes, if you’re interested in the Nothing phone (1), be sure to attend its official announcement on July 12th.

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