a new mutation worries India

The Indian Ministry of Health has put the states of Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh on alert in the face of the “Delta plus” variant classified as “worrying”.

The Indian variant with the name “Delta”, which is growing in many countries, could already have a cousin. In an alarming statement released on Tuesday June 22, India’s Ministry of Health said it had put Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh states on high alert. A new mutation of the variant of the coronavirus with the name “Delta Plus”, classified as “worryingFrom Indian health authorities.

«Based on recent findings from the Indian Genomic Consortium on SARS-CoV-2 (INSACOG), the Department of Health in Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh is on vigilance regarding the Delta Plus variant of Covid-19 that is being observed in some US counties , warned and recommended this IT ISindeed», Refers to the press release. This variant was discovered “in the genomic sequencing of samples from the districts of Ratnagiri and Jalgaon in Maharashtra, Palakkad and Pathanamthitta in Kerala and the districts of Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh».

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A more aggressive variant?

The characteristics of this new mutation are of particular interest to INSACOG, whose main roles are full genome sequencing of the virus and the rapid provision of information on the appropriate public health measures to be taken. It is defined by increased transmission, stronger binding to lung cell receptors and a possible decrease in the response of monoclonal antibodies. Overall, this Delta Plus variant was detected in 22 people in the three affected states.

The announcement comes as the Delta variant is now the majority in the UK, where it accounts for around 90% of infection cases. Affected by the same variant, the city of Moscow has seen a record of daily deaths in the past few days. According to the Gisaid database, 61 countries are currently affected by this variant, including France. On BFMTV-RMC this Wednesday, June 23rd morning, government spokesman Gabriel Attal also estimated that this mutation of the coronavirus “must concern us». «There is absolute vigilance with this variant, which we now know is more contagious than the English variant.He warned.

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