A businessman builds a replica of the Taj Mahal to declare his love for his wife

Corresponding Anand Prakash Choukseythis construction cost more than 15 million rupees or almost 180,000 euros.

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For some, love is priceless. An Indian businessman has built a replica of the Taj Mahal, a universal symbol of eternal love, in Burhanpur, central India. This project is a message of love to his wife but also of peace to his country, said Anand Prakash Chouksey on Saturday November 27th.

“There is a lot of hate around us. Love solves all of life’s problems and the Taj Mahal is a symbol of that.” he explained. This reproduction will have required three years of work, ie sixteen years less than the mausoleum that inspired it. It cost more than 15 million rupees or 180,000 euros.

An architectural masterpiece of Indo-Islamic art, the country’s main tourist attraction, the Taj Mahal was built in Agra in the 17th century on the initiative of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to commemorate the memory of Mumtaz, his late favorite wife.

“We used Makrana marble to construct the building, the same material the Taj Mahal was designed from.”cleared Anand Prakash Chouskey planning to put the Indian flag on the main dome.

Finally, the businessman plans to display the symbols of India’s most popular religions on the minarets that stand at the four corners of his palace.

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