50 degrees in the shade: India suffocates

“The crisis is serious this time”

“The temperature has risen up to 49 degrees in Delhi in the last few days. There are fewer people on the road. Usually there is a lot of crowding, traffic jams.” India and Pakistan have been hit by a suffocating and particularly prolonged heatwave since March. In some cities, the temperature in the shade exceeded 50 degrees, which is unusual so early in the year. “I ride my motorcycle to work every day. I feel dehydrated as soon as I arrive at my work place. Then I feel very tired, unable to do my job. The heat sucks all my energy”‘ says Raj. Qatar: air conditioning outside against the heat

“People suffer a lot from the heat. Schools and universities also gave the students holidays because of the high temperatures.”. In India and Pakistan, these heat waves pose a risk to residents. “There are more and more people being hospitalized for sunstroke. There are people sleeping on the sidewalks or on the side of the road, it’s really difficult for homeless people like that.”
The 3 points to consider from the IPCC report 2022

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