5 questions: BSP MP Danish Ali

BSP MP Danish Ali took offense at a government response on the power situation in the country. He’s talking to Liz Mathew.

What was your criticism of the minister’s response to the electricity crisis in the country?

The answer is completely different from the ground situation. It is said that there is no electricity crisis in the country, but that is not the situation. If there is no shortage, why have there been meeting after meeting between ministers to address the crisis? There were meetings between energy and coal ministers.

Is the answer misleading?

As usual, ministers always try to hide the truth and the actual situation from Parliament. It seems to have become government policy to mislead the House.

What do you think is the reason for the crisis?

I think that the government is not pursuing the right policy. Although the energy minister is efficient, the government does not seem able to deal with the situation. But it is an artificial crisis deliberately created for the benefit of some corporations interested in importing coal.

How is the situation in Uttar Pradesh?

Officials in Uttar Pradesh told MPs that the situation across the country was bad and the state was not getting the power it needed from the grid. In May-June the crisis was at its peak and there was a roaster of urban and rural areas to indicate the number of hours and area that power would be available. The district authorities had even formed WhatsApp groups to update the people’s representatives about the electricity supply so that they could inform the public.

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Recently, the opposition has made many complaints about the way Treasury banks respond to questions…

Ministers often try to hide facts. It seems ministers are not interested in updating the House on the actual situation. They try to sugarcoat it with some words of praise for the Prime Minister. More often than not, Treasury benches prefer to turn to the gallery rather than to opposition benches.

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