4 Beautiful Pieces of Paradise with Crystal Sand Beach

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – Crystal clear waters, golden sandy beaches, cold winds blowing your face and hair, exciting water adventures and delicious seafood.

Have you ever traveled to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands to heal and refresh your spirit? There are several areas in India that have clear sand and clear water.

quotes RosaVilla, Wednesday (08/03/2022), India offers a varied group of islands for a relaxing holiday. Many people want to go to the clear waters of the place to experience the flora and fauna.

1. Cinque Island

Located north of Duncan, this stunning island destination can make you feel like you’ve landed on mini Mauritius. At a distance of 39 km from Port Blair, this island has a texture of fine sand and rare corals.

Quite famous for its underwater activities like snorkeling and diving, Cingue Island is home to many exotic sea creatures like sea anemones, starfish, crocodiles, corals, water snakes, turtles and also many fish. What sets this island apart is its soft sandy beaches and stunning sunset views.

2. Ocean Ocean Museum

The Ocean Marine Museum of the Marines is located near the Teal House in Port Blair and is also known as the Fisheries Museum. You will find historical and contemporary elements and information about ecosystems, plants, animals, tribal communities and marine life. The island is divided into 5 rooms and each room shows a different aspect of the island.

3. Sri Vetrimalai Murugan Temple

This place is also rich in sacred beauty that gives you a surreal sight and enlightens your soul. Located in Port Blair, the Sri Vetrimalai Murugan Temple celebrates Lord Muruga, the son of Lord Shiva. The beautiful and intricate Dravidian-style architecture and ancient paintings will blow your mind. Built in 1926, this temple is one of the pristine places that you should not miss.

4. Ross and Smith Island

This tourist destination is also known as the Twin Islands connected by a sand dune. Ross and Smith Island will amaze you with its beauty. There are also marine reserves on the island where you can see beautiful coral reefs and rich underwater species.

Ross and Smith Island is surrounded by beautiful tropical forests, this island is one of the most popular places for Hike and trail.

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