3 labor organizations respond to Prabowo’s request not to demand excessive wages


presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto urged workers not to demand too many wage increases from employers, especially when the company was in a “failure situation.” This is stressful and leads to entrepreneurs fleeing to other countries.

“Your workers have this, this, this, we will release the transport so that you can work more easily. That’s fine, don’t demand that employers (increase wages). If there is no profit, the entrepreneurs can move to Bangladesh. “Where can they go?” said Prabowo at the workshop of 100 Indonesian economists at the Bank Mega Tower in Jakarta on Wednesday (11/8/2023).

Then, many government programs are believed to have improved the welfare of people, especially workers, from free health services to various types of subsidies. Prabowo promised that if elected president, he would seek to add programs that benefit the poor and workers so they can become wealthier.


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“We will talk to union leaders, brothers, health will not be paid, electricity subsidies, fuel subsidies, we must ensure that schools do not pay, we will give lunches (free). Then, brothers, we must be courageous like other countries, transport.” In “big cities, if necessary, there is 100% subsidy for people who need it,” he explained.

Labor organizations also raised their voices in response to Prabowo’s statement

Said Iqbal, president of the Labor Party and president of the Indonesian Trade Union Confederation (KSPI), believes presidential candidate Prabowo’s statement is false. In his opinion, this shows that Prabowo does not understand the world of work and does not even appear to be on the side of workers’ interests.

“Therefore, presidential candidate Prabowo’s opinion that workers’ demands to increase the minimum wage every year is not necessary is wrong and false. This is a wrong opinion,” said Said in his statement written on Friday (October 11, 2023).

Said explained that it is necessary for all presidential candidates around the world to know this, be it in America, Germany, England, the Nordic countries, other European countries, Brazil, Peru, other American countries, Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, other African countries, Russia, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world; All unions in their respective countries are fighting for an increase in minimum wages and periodic wages.

Said Iqbal gave an example: Recently, the Brazilian union managed to convince President Lula to increase the minimum wage by 13%, even though inflation was only 4% and economic growth was only 3.2%. Then in America, the UAW autoworkers union managed to convince President Joe Biden to increase wages for autoworkers by 30%.

Then workers in England, Germany, Italy and other European countries held massive demonstrations demanding an increase in the minimum wage and succeeded in increasing it to over 20%.

President of the Confederation of Indonesian Workers’ Unions (KSPN) Ristadi believes that Prabowo does not know the reality of workers’ lives. In reality, the necessities of life are becoming more expensive day by day, from the cost of children’s education to house rent.

“Government subsidies can only provide short-term relief. Does Prabowo know that the initial costs for schoolchildren are now in the tens of millions? “Does Prabowo know that expensive rents continue to rise every year?” said Ristadi in his statement on Thursday (9/11/2023).

According to Ristadi, many employers were unwilling to disclose the company’s financial situation to employees. This condition means that employees do not know the actual conditions in the company and therefore demand an increase in wages in accordance with the level of their living needs.

“It is also the businessman’s fault for keeping this matter secret from the workers because it is a kitchen matter that the workers should not know about. So when they make a profit, the businessman doesn’t want to tell them, just when they make it.” “They tell the story, but in the end the workers don’t believe it,” he said.

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