133 dead in 24 hours, 1380 patients in intensive care

UPDATE ON THE SITUATION – New measures, new reports and highlights: Le figaro provides an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic.

The British opposition leader promises to resign if health regulations are broken, Beijing adopts new restrictions, Laos lifts entry restrictions for vaccinated tourists… Le figaro provides an update on the latest information related to the Covid-19 pandemic this Monday, May 9th.

133 dead in 24 hours, 1380 patients in intensive care

133 people have died from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, according to Public Health France’s daily report of this Monday, May 9th. 20,835 patients are currently hospitalized (up from 20,939 on Sunday), including 1,029 who arrived today. 1,380 patients are being treated in intensive care units. 7354 new cases were discovered.

beer gate ‘: Britain’s Labor leader promises to resign if fined for breaking anti-Covid rules

British opposition leader Keir Starmer, who is accused of flouting anti-Covid rules during a campaign trip a year ago, vowed on Monday to resign if he were fined like Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

I am absolutely clear that no law has been broken‘ pounded to the press the Labor leader, who has been calling for Boris Johnson’s resignation in recent weeks and is now the target of a police probe into the ‘beer gate‘, he shared these curries and beers with his team on an election night in north-east England.

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New restrictions in Beijing that look like a ghost town

Millions of Beijingers are working from home on Monday after a fresh round of anti-Covid bolts, giving the Chinese capital of 22 million the look of a ghost town.

China has been on the brink of its worst epidemic wave since the first outbreak in early 2020 for two months. Even if the contamination numbers remain minimal on a global scale, the authorities are strictly applying their zero-Covid policy and lockdown entire cities with a few cases from the beginning. After Shanghai, the country’s most populous city, has been under lockdown since early April, Beijing has been under travel restrictions for a week and many public places (restaurants, cafes, gymnasiums, gyms, etc.) are closed.

The Chinese capital looks like a ghost town. TINGSHU WANG / REUTERS

On Monday, authorities severely restricted access to non-essential services in the capital’s busiest and most populous district, Chaoyang, where some businesses are forced to limit their normal workforce to 5%. As a result, many employees are forced to telework. The bustling business district of Sanlitun in eastern Beijing was deserted on Monday morning. The usually very busy Apple Store closed within minutes of opening.

Beijing on Monday announced 49 new cases of contamination in the past 24 hours. The health situation in the capital isserious and complicated‘ a city official, Xu Hejian, remarked to the press, urging residents not to leave Beijing unless there is a compelling reason. Screening tests of less than 48 hours will also be required to enter public places, especially supermarkets, as well as office buildings.

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China: The Covid causes an unprecedented drop in exports since 2020

At their lowest: China’s exports in April saw an unprecedented drop since 2020 amid containment in Shanghai severely penalizing activities and tightening health restrictions in Beijing. For the past two years, Chinese exports have largely benefited from the rest of the world’s need for protective products against Covid-19, such as masks or equipment for teleworking. But that demand is declining.

The Asian giant has also been confronted with its worst epidemic outbreak of the entire pandemic in recent weeks: millions of residents were hastily locked up at the end of March, especially in the economic metropolis of Shanghai. These restrictions are ongoing and are putting a strain on supply chains: the port metropolis is an important entry and exit point for goods in China.

As a result, China unveiled mixed trade numbers for April on Monday. Last month, China’s exports grew at the weakest pace in almost two years (+3.9%). Analysts polled by Bloomberg agency were expecting a more significant decline (+2.7%), after a 14.7% rise over a year in March. This is the worst development for Chinese exports since June 2020 (+0.5%). Imports from China recorded zero year-on-year growth in April. However, this rate is better than in March (-0.1%) and well above analysts’ expectations (-3%).

Laos lifts entry restrictions for vaccinated tourists

Laos will lift border restrictions on fully vaccinated tourists from Monday after the number of coronavirus-related infections and deaths fell, senior officials said.

Deputy Minister and Deputy Head of the Prime Minister’s Office Thipphakone Chanthavongsa said Saturday that expert recommendations on entering the country and easing restrictions on locals had been approved. “The government thinks it’s time to develop the economy“, She said.

The easing measures include reopening international checkpoints to Lao citizens and foreigners, provided they are fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated visitors must present a rapid antigen test within 48 hours of leaving their country of origin. Since January, travelers have been required to quarantine for seven days, present a negative Covid-19 test upon entry and are only allowed to travel in groups in certain officially approved areas. Lao authorities added that pubs and karaoke bars could reopen.

The United States on the cusp of one million Covid deaths

The bells of the Washington National Cathedral rang 1,000 times in honor of the victims of the Covid on Monday, May 9, as the United States is on track to pass the milestone of one million deaths related to the pandemic. The United States is the country that has officially recorded the most deaths in the world, ahead of Brazil, India and even Russia, and had more than 995,000 deaths from Covid-19 as of Monday, according to the latest report from Johns Hopkins University. The cathedral’s drone was triggered around 6pm (10pm GMT) during a new live broadcast in honor on YouTube, with each ring representing 1,000 people who have died due to the pandemic.

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