12 Indian citizens who travel to Jakarta positive for Covid-19 with no symptoms

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) confirmed that 12 Indian citizens (WN) who arrived in Jakarta exposed to Covid-19 were now in good condition.

This was announced by the Health Quarantine Task Force team, Andita Irawan, during a press conference with the Chief Inspector of Metro Jaya, General Fadil Imran, and the regional commander of Jaya, Major General Dudung Abdurachman.

“All reported without symptoms,” he said at a press conference at the Holiday Inn Tamansari Hotel, West Jakarta, on Saturday (April 24, 2021), quoted Jakarta grandstand.

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Andita added that this was a particular concern of the Ministry of Health.

The reason is that positive cases of Covid-19 with no symptoms are very difficult to track.

“We are suspicious of this, because there are no symptoms, you feel healthy. In addition, it is not about other people who suffer from comorbidities or congenital diseases, that is very dangerous, ”says Andita.

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Because he’s feeling fine but turns out to be exposed to Covid-19, Andita said: WN India The officer refused when the officers tried to take him to the Harston Hotel in north Jakarta for isolation.

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Police officers and TNI officials also had to be deployed to convince foreigners from India who were exposed to Covid-19.

“We are very grateful for the support of the task force, the TNI and the police in anticipating whether there will be resistance from them,” said Andita.

Pangdam Jaya Major General Dudung Abdurachman said 153 Indian citizens had arrived in Jakarta.

Of these, 12 of them were reported as exposed to Covid-19 based on the results of the PCR investigation test.

“153 WN from India, there are 12 people who are positive (Covid-19),” he said at the same press conference.

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The dozen of foreign nationals from India who were positive for Covid-19 have now been isolated at the Hariston Hotel in north Jakarta.

Hundreds of other Covid-19 negative people have now been isolated at the Holiday Inn Hotel Tamansari.

In addition, seven Indonesian citizens (WNI) entered from India, said Dudung.

“Then there were seven Indonesian citizens, because they were negative, they remained in self-isolation in the Wisma Atlet,” he said.

This article was published on TribunJakarta.com by title “12 Indian foreigners enter Jakarta with Covid-19, Ministry of Health: Infected on the street“. (Jakarta grandstand/ Dionysius Arya Bima Suci)

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